The Old Manse, Loch Ness

Bed and Breakfast

On the menu

Fruit Juice

Various Cereal

Freshly made Oatbran Porridge

Stewed fruits

Fresh fruit

Freshly made natural yoghurt and fruit yoghurt

Eggs, scrambled, poached, boiled or fried

Bacon and Lorne Sausage (flat and square)

Black Pudding (blood sausage)

 White pudding (oatmeal pudding)

Haggis (secret ingredients)

Tattie Scone (potato pancake)

Basil tomatoes

Variety of teas and freshly made ground coffee

Toast and  oatcakes

Homemade preserves

Tel: 01463 861258 or 861238

Skype Name: Locatenow

The Old Manse, Lochend, Inverness



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